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CU Holding Company represents collaborative CUSO ventures that offer financial and strategic solutions for both credit unions and other CUSO services. We have valuable investment opportunities open for interested partners and encourage you to get to know the multitude of services our family of CUSOs provides.

Meet Our Family

Our Cuso Family

BYM Agency

BYM Agency is a full-service marketing agency that provides digital, behavioral, and traditional marketing solutions to credit unions and CUSO’s nationwide. Learn More >


XtraCash offers 100% risk free, short-term lending solutions throughout the credit union industry. Learn More >

Truehome Solutions

TruHome Solutions is a mortgage company with a focus on originating, processing, underwriting, closing, and servicing mortgage loans. Learn More >

TruHome Title

TruHome Solutions is a mortgage company with a focus on originating, processing, underwriting, closing, and servicing mortgage loans. Learn More >


MemberInsure is our insurance CUSO that provides auto, home, life, and commercial insurance solutions to credit unions and their members. Learn More >

SimpliFast Lending

Simplifast Lending Credit Union is a premier lending CUSO that offers longer loan terms and higher loan amounts to the community. Unlike a payday lender, Simplifast Lending provides customers with a line of credit that they can build on when they meet their scheduled payments. Learn More >

Meet Your Future Head-On

Road sign reading change just ahead

In our industry, change is constant. It’s our duty as partners to apply focus, strategy, and speed to keep our future bright.   We demand of ourselves the knowledge and expertise credit unions require to stay ahead and grow our industry. An example is the value of credit union mergers and our ability to assist credit unions in coming together and building on their value to members and to strengthen their communities. Credit unions must reflect on their long-term strategic direction and vision and be able to know the why behind what they do and who they are. So whenever, or however the landscape changes, they will know how to manage to their strengths. As the CEO of CU Holding Company and with over 20 years of credit union leadership, I can assure you that our wide array of CUSOs will provide both strategic planning and merger solutions to meet the tactical needs of credit unions. Let’s start a conversation today.

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Larry’s Leadership Lessons

Corporate Narrator | Innovator | Strategic Planner

Why Leadership Theory “B”

In business school we were taught the origins of leadership, you know Theory X and Theory Y. Theory X was the idea that employees had to be motivated, as they were inherently lazy. This style can be discouraging to employees and limits their full potential. On the...

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Why Does He Do That?

Ever wonder why your leader does what he or she does?  At times, it’s difficult to understand what they mean without a decoder. Other times what they need seems as clear as day. Listen with your eyes and ears. You’ll realize that everyone has quirks, tells and other...

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In The News

CU Holding Company Unveils Much More Than a New Look.

Overland Park, Kansas — 02/23/2015 — CU Holding Company, LLC has redefined their “why,” and the results are in: a stronger, more defined, fully cohesive CUSO holding company — with a whole new look. “What we look like on the outside and who we are on the inside is...

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Mazuma Adds, Subtracts, Revamps CUSOs

In July, CU Holding Co.’s Beyond Marketing CUSO changed its name to BYM Agency and launched a new website to reflect the new way it serves credit unions. Two years after Larry Hayes took the helm of an entity overseeing several CUSOs, a few key changes are...

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Kansas CUSO Rebrands

Beyond Marketing LLC has announced a new brand and a new name. The Lenexa, Kan.-based marketing CUSO will now operate under the moniker, BYM Agency. “BYM decided to take a page from its own book when rebranding to reflect the ‘why’ behind everything it does. The...

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