Overland Park, Kansas — 02/23/2015 — CU Holding Company, LLC has redefined their “why,” and the results are in: a stronger, more defined, fully cohesive CUSO holding company — with a whole new look.

“What we look like on the outside and who we are on the inside is finally in tandem,” says CEO Larry Hayes. “We focused on providing a fully transparent and engaging experience for credit unions looking to start a conversation. It better represents the way we think, which is ‘profoundly simple.’” That is reflected in both a streamlined website redesign, as well as a new logo. To Larry, the logo says more about CU Holding than ever. “It visually shows what we offer, which is a continual stream of innovative solutions from our eight CUSOs – all centering around the credit union client.”

But the real change is from the inside out. “With every new client, we go through a discovery process, and we used this very same method on ourselves. It started with looking at how much the industry has changed, all the mergers taking place. We realized the definition of ‘Credit Union’ had changed.” Rather than shrinking, the once small-community idea of “Credit Union” had actually grown into a much larger “Credit Union Space.”

CU Holding redefined their “why” — why they do what they do — including asking themselves what they want to keep, change, add, and how all of that gets measured. “We discovered there was some keep, a lot more change, and many things to add — but we did it.”

The result: An organization that can better meet the needs of any size client and has all the assets to help Credit Unions prepare for the ever-changing CU Space. “We’re in a better position to help our clients answer and sustain their ‘why.’ Now it’s just a matter of deciding our next steps.”

And they’ve already figured that out. “There’s a growing spot for our CUSOs, particularly with our merger expertise. We provide a single solution to many aspects of credit union growth, and together with our clients, we can move forward as a single, cohesive unit.”

About CU Holding Company, LLC

CU Holding Company, LLC is a diversified CUSO holding company. Established in 2003, CU Holding Company, LLC consistently supports the cooperative business model through ownership interests in eight cutting-edge CUSOs, like TruHome Solutions, TruHome Title and MemberInsure – a credit union’s guide to providing insurance to their members. Today, CU Holding Company leads the industry in strategic partnerships and innovative solutions. For example, CU Holding Company created the first full-service marketing agency CUSO and online payday lending CUSO service.  CU Holding Company, LLC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mazuma Credit Union, headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri.